Real compensation for ideal candidates.
We provide real-time compensation studies, comparisons and analysis related to your local, regional or national competition.

Industry surveys by industry experts.
By cultivating information from industry surveys, we provide insight into diversifying markets, organization techniques and competitive analysis.

Expert evaluations to improve your company.
Our planning, hiring and assessment service evaluates your organization, current personnel and position requirements.

Let us provide your expert witness.
We’re available serve as an expert witness for litigation involving employment. Specializing in real estate, financial services and service industries, we can provide:

  • Compensation opinions, both present and future
  • Calculate lost compensation or damages to a company
  • Hiring practices
  • Qualifications of individuals for specific positions
  • Offers of employment
  • Tendering a resignation
  • Candidate and/or employee representations during the hiring process
  • Company representations during the hiring process

We’ll present reports, educate clients on technical issues or specific industry practices and suggest an actionable plan. We’ll also provide testimony in the rare instance that a case actually goes to trial.