Has Hiring Become too Reliant on Technology?

Bob CavotoManaging Principal, 20/20 Foresight

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Recent advancements in automated technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are quickly seeping into HR and recruiting practices. According to studies, about 40% of large to mid-sized companies in the United States use some sort of automated system for traditional HR practices such as payroll. As it is further developed, many companies are starting to apply this technology towards more people-oriented tasks such as recruiting. The reliance on automated HR technology continues to grow, and many are wondering whether this helps or hurts the hiring industry.

One of the major incentives of implementing new technology is, of course, convenience; automated screening processes eliminate the tedious job of weeding through unqualified resumes, which allows recruiters to spend more time on other time-consuming parts of the process such as face-to-face interviews. Overall, this technology offers the potential for a more streamlined recruiting process.

However, there are arguments that, while technology does promote efficiency, it decreases accuracy. Are applicant tracking systems (ATS) able to point out qualified candidates better than humans? For example, ATS are matching softwares and only select candidates that match the specific requirements of a job. This excludes non-traditional candidates, such as career switchers or those who have been out of the workforce for a period of time, which arguably diminishes the potential of the candidate pool. Further, ATS are not capable of evaluating subjective qualities such as personality or organizational fit. If a qualified applicant is eliminated too early in the process due to lack of one requirement, the company could be missing out on that potential.

With 20/20 Foresight, our executive search process can help companies reduce their reliance on these automated systems without sacrificing efficiency. Our team of recruiters will work with your company to target executives that fit your needs by using the most sophisticated resources in the market as well as an extensive candidate evaluation process.

Using software to automate screening certainly does increase efficiency, however the candidate pool can be limited. With 20/20 Foresight, we can connect your company with candidates that meet every requirement and much more. Our recruiters can accommodate your company’s unique needs by tapping into our global proprietary database of C-suite, executive, and HR contacts and reach out to them on your behalf. For over 20 years, our team of in-house researchers has worked to build, update, and maintain our database of over 100,000 contacts from over 20,000 companies. We narrow down your geographic and skills preferences to produce a pool of highly qualified and interested candidates.

Once we have narrowed down a pool of candidates, we conduct an extensive candidate evaluation process. Automated systems are not capable of measuring subjective qualities like organizational fit, at least not yet. As part of our search process, we administer personality and intelligence tests to evaluate these qualities on measurable metrics. Our recruiters take on this evaluation process on behalf of your company, providing you the time-saving advantages of an automated system without the risk of limiting the candidate pool.

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