Why Your New Employees are Leaving and How We Can Help

Reid Behrens, Senior Principal, 20/20 Foresight

20/20 Foresight Executive Search is a premier retained executive search firm that specializes in recruiting executives in the Real Estate and Financial Services industries. We work with your company to identify your unique needs and connect you with the most qualified candidates in the market!

A common problem most companies face is investing time and resources in finding, then training employees only to have them leave after a short time. Due to record-low unemployment and faster wage increases, employees are now even more emboldened to leave jobs or companies with which they are not completely satisfied. Research shows that several factors contribute to employees leaving their jobs, but a driving force for why new employees leave is company culture.

Cultural fit is a subjective metric and hard to estimate. Most employers rely on the traditional method: meeting the candidate face to face through rounds of rigorous interviews or through a more informal setting like dinner or coffee. The most obvious limitation with this method is that employers are spending a short amount of time with the candidate. They are only able to evaluate the candidate within a certain scope where key aspects of their personality or values may not be evident, especially since candidates often display the best versions of themselves when being evaluated. In this candidate-driven market, it is even more important for companies to conduct a more thorough candidate evaluation process in order to avoid wasting time and resources on someone who will end up not being a fit.

At 20/20 Foresight, every candidate is screened, interviewed, and evaluated through numerous aptitude and personality tests. Our recruiters also have decades of experience working with executives at every level and are therefore able to dissect all different forms of personalities and values to see if they are a match for your company. Since we make it a priority to build relationships with executives in addition to our clients, we are able to gather sensitive information that they might not readily divulge but could be a key trait that makes them not compatible with your company’s culture.

As of 2018, 89% of our executive placements are still employed at the same company--much higher than the 48% national industry average. We also offer several candidate guarantees, such as a 1-year guarantee on all positions and a 2-year replacement guarantee for C-level executives. To top it off, we have a 95% success rate, with the majority of our searches completed in under 100 days.

20/20 Foresight Executive Search offers extensive candidate vetting and, because we are so confident in our processes, an executive guarantee. With our services, you can be sure that our recruiters will find the right executive for your team!

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