The Disadvantages of a Hidden Market -- and How We Can Help You Avoid Them

Bob CavotoManaging Principal, 20/20 Foresight

20/20 Foresight Executive Search is a hybrid retained executive search firm that specializes in the Real Estate and Financial industries. We work with companies to determine your specific needs and connect you with top-tier executive talent!

Companies sometimes refrain from publicly posting available jobs, creating what they call a “hidden job market”. Typically, publicly advertising an open position can be ineffective; screening resumes and candidates can be time consuming and expensive. But jobs advertised internally or through word of mouth means relying on references and recommendations from employees or personal networks, which can be limiting. With our expert recruiters and global database, 20/20 Foresight can help companies eliminate the lengthy process of finding candidates by providing only the most qualified executives in the market. What sets 20/20 Foresight apart from other executive search firms, besides our prominent name in the industry, is our resources, processes, and proven record of results.

Our team of experts use the most sophisticated resources and technology to ensure quality results. Working with our in-house research team, recruiters utilize top-of-the-line digital directories such as Salesforce and LinkedIn to target executives with the right skill sets. Further, our proprietary global database of over 100,000 candidates and 20,000 companies ensures we are covering the whole market to find executives that fit your criteria. We also pride ourselves in transparency--we share detailed updates every week so you know exactly where we are throughout every step of the process.

Once we have narrowed down a pool of candidates, we conduct an extensive candidate evaluation process. Our recruiters screen, interview, and evaluate each candidate using metrics like aptitude tests and personality tests to ensure we are only presenting the best. More importantly, we value and welcome your feedback because it helps us tailor every search to fit your unique needs. We are so confident in our processes that we even provide candidate guarantees, which include a two-year replacement guarantee for C-level executives. And as a hybrid search firm, after the initial retainer, no other payments are due until after we find the right fit for your team.

Our results speak for themselves. The processes we use are so efficient that we complete 80% of our searches in under 100 days; even as soon as 60, if needed. And the quality of the executives we provide is reflected in the fact that 89% of them are still with the same company after three years. More importantly, our success rate after 20 years still stands at 95%--30% higher than the industry average.

The traditional method of posting a job, screening resumes, interviewing candidates, and repeating the process several times per job can be exhausting. And, in the end, many employers find they are still more comfortable working with people they know. 20/20 Foresight can provide you with a specified pool of vetted candidates, eliminating the need for lengthy hiring processes. More importantly, because our candidate evaluation process is so thorough, we can provide more qualified references than your immediate network.

Let 20/20 Foresight Executive Search help you find the right people for your business!

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