This Month's Featured Search

This month, we completed a Vice President of Operations search for a leading commercial real estate company in Atlanta, GA.

Our client specializes in commercial office spaces and is expanding their business in the Southern US with several new acquisitions. The company was looking for a VP to oversee these new properties and handle day-to-day as well as big picture operations.

Per the client’s request, we first identified candidates in the Atlanta area that worked for similar companies in similar roles and produced a very impressive list of prospects. To ensure we are presenting a list of the most qualified candidates, we also launched a strategic marketing campaign, which involved tapping into our global database of over 100,000 professionals to identify strong candidates further out of the targeted location. Our client spoke to the three strongest candidates and narrowed it down to two finalists. In the end, they extended an offer to a senior executive, who is excited to play a larger role within a growing company.

The candidate is a senior operations executive with over 20 years of experience in managing large commercial office spaces. He is responsible for coordinating due diligence for all new acquisitions, onboarding of new property management, and all aspects of accounting. The search was completed less than 30 days after we were retained.

For more information on our nationally recognized executive search process, fill out the form to the right or contact our Atlanta location:

Wren Castle, Senior Principal | 678.537.6928