News You Can Use: Women Changing the Face of the Commercial Real Estate Industry

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The inaugural GlobeSt. ELITE Women of Influence conference recognized and celebrated the impact that females in commercial real estate have had in helping to shape the industry. Working in a traditionally male-dominated field has, of course, posed some trials and tribulations, but these inspiring women share how they overcame the obstacles and successfully rose to the occasion.

The recruitment specialists at 20/20 Foresight Executive Search are also real estate industry veterans, arming them with an inherent understanding of hiring to take CRE companies to the next level. Connect with us today by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100 to find out how we can help you make your team even stronger.

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Resume Reconnaissance: What That Piece of Paper Is Trying to Tell You


HR professionals and hiring managers are often inundated and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resumes they receive when searching for the perfect candidate to fill an important position within their company. After sifting through a pile of CVs to find the perfect blend of skills and background experience, assessing countless renditions of Professional Objectives and attempting to discern what intangibles a person might bring to the table, it can often be difficult to distinguish one professional from the next.

In our experience vetting thousands of candidates for C-level positions at top companies all over the world, we have found certain elements that are consistent across rewarding resumes, as well as clear red flags. Here are the resume components that spell success:

  1. A clear picture of the candidate. Does the resume you’re reading provide an articulate assessment of the candidate’s career trajectory? Does it demonstrate consistency, both in the candidate’s previous positions as well as their actions, i.e. being promoted within a company? A CV should convey a sense of compatibility and an adherence to a set of professional goals, even if the individual has followed an unconventional career path. 

  2. Facts over fluff. Can the candidate provide demonstrable numbers? “Brought in $3 milliion in new business” makes a much bigger impression than “People person with networking skills.”

  3. Endurance. While today’s job market is more transitory than before, it’s still crucial to look for longevity in a person’s professional past. If each of their previous positions lasted less than a year, it’s an indication that they have a tendency to leave before learning new skills or adding value for the employer. Loyalty still counts.

  4. Matchmaking. Does the candidate have the skills and expertise you’ve asked for in the job description or do you get the sense that they are sending resumes blindly? Just like in love, it helps to match profiles before meeting up in person.

  5. The value of outside experience. To really get a read on a potential employee, look for additional educational opportunities, volunteer work and other activities that further reveal and solidify their personality. 

A well-prepared resume should serve as an invitation to meet the candidate, however, it’s only the first step in the process. If you can pick up on nuances within those neatly formatted lines, you’ll have more success in setting up in-person interviews with candidates who will be a fortunate fit for your company and its culture and help you build your brand, further your efforts and meet your goals for the future. 

The recruitment specialists at 20/20 Foresight Executive Search have the advantage of also having worked in the fields we represent. These industry professionals inherently understand your company’s objectives and your hiring needs, allowing us to seek out candidates who have the background and skill set to succeed. In addition, our comprehensive vetting process, including in-depth aptitude and personality tests, builds a relationship and opens a continuous line of dialogue with qualified candidates, ensuring we only share with you the people who will not only have the most relevant expertise but will also be the most compatible fit for your team.

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20/20 Foresight’s Featured Search - July 2019

An established real estate private equity firm has partnered with 20/20 Foresight Executive Search to fill its Chief Executive Officer position based in its San Diego headquarters. 

As the cornerstone of this high-energy, team-oriented firm, the Chief Executive Officer role will work together with the Founder and Chairman, as well as senior leadership, to establish and drive both short-term performance as well as long-range company goals, investment strategy, plans and policies. The CEO will serve as the face of the organization, expanding brand awareness with capital partners, investors and the larger business community. 

This professional will work closely with the company’s Chief Financial Officer to implement and direct the firm’s fiscal function and performance, as well as the Chief Operating Officer to ensure effective and actionable reporting. As the team leader, the CEO will assume ultimate responsibility for the organization’s employees and compensation and will reinforce the firm’s existing success-driven, accountable and collaborative culture.

The ideal candidate for this position will have a minimum of 15 years’ experience in development and/or investment management in commercial real estate, as well as expertise in building and leading a dynamic organization. The ability to identify and drive opportunistic value at the asset or portfolio level, the skill of managing both private and institutional investors, and the capacity to analyze and negotiate complex transactions are of utmost importance to this prestigious position.

With a current portfolio in excess of 6 million square feet of properties with a valuation of more than $1 billion, this successful firm focuses on acquiring value-add and opportunistic real estate, unlocking embedded value in mispriced and special situation real estate transactions. A hands-on approach directed toward mitigating risk coupled with a focus on identifying opportunities that allow for significant value creation and upside potential are the keys to this highly regarded company’s success.

For more information about this position and other roles we are currently looking to connect with qualified candidates, complete the form to the right or contact our Senior Principal:

Glen Esnard

News You Can Use: June Jobs Report Bounces Back

Photo by  Adeolu Eletu  on  Unsplash

After a sizable slip in May, the June jobs report showed a marked improvement, with the largest gains in the professional and business services industries. Analysts (and employers) have a renewed (if somewhat subdued) sense of optimism leading into the Federal Open Market Committee later this month, with hopes that a potential downturn in the economy can be thwarted.

The recruitment specialists at 20/20 Foresight Executive Search are here to help you navigate the ups and downs of hiring in a volatile economic environment. Connect with us today by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100 to see how we can guide you to your next best hire.

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