News You Can Use: Investing Tips from the World's Top Real Estate Titans

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Eleven of the most successful real estate investors recently sat down to be interviewed for a new book revealing their most effective negotiation techniques and savvy insider tips to excel in this highly competitive world.

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Negotiation Tactics From Some of the Best Real Estate Masterminds in the Business | Forbes

20/20 Foresight’s Featured Search - March 2019

A nationally recognized real estate development and investment firm retained 20/20 Foresight Executive Search to fill its coveted Chief Operating Officer position based in its company headquarters in the Midwest.

As the organization’s head of operations, this role is responsible for leading the company’s development platform, real estate assets, commercial and residential property management, risk management, marketing and human resources. In addition, the COO position is also charged with strategic planning, talent engagement and maintaining the corporate culture of the company. This role reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

The right candidate will possess a minimum of 15 years experience in real estate development, asset and property management, and operations, as well as a range of invaluable skills, including proven leadership effectiveness, financial analysis, value creation and business plan execution.

Since the company’s establishment more than 30 years ago, it has grown from a regionally focused investment firm to a full-service development, construction and operating company with a national scope. The firm plans to develop 10-15 retail projects and 5-8 apartment communities per year over the next 5+ years.

For more information about this position and others, fill out the form to the right or contact our Managing Director:

Robert Peck, Managing Director


News You Can Use: The Real Estate Investing Trends You Need to Know Now


Savvy real estate investors know that by staying ahead of the curve in today's ever-changing market, they are poised to make smart deals at the most advantageous time. What are the 2019 economic and demographic trends driving the real estate industry in this pivotal climate?

The 20/20 Foresight Executive Search team is comprised of career consultants who are experts in your field, including real estate. Find your next successful hire with our proven recruitment process by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100 to connect with one of our career consultants today. 

Five Trends That Will Impact Real Estate Investing This Year | Forbes

News You Can Use: Real Estate Metrics That Matter


What metrics should every real estate investor consult to ensure a successful acquisition for their portfolio? By paying attention to these three essential data points, you can eliminate uncertainty and streamline the investment process.

The 20/20 Foresight Executive Search team are experts in the real estate field, as well as recruitment aces. Learn more about our proven recruitment process to find your top talent by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100 to connect with one of our career consultants today. 

The Top Three Metrics Every Real Estate Investor Should Know | Forbes

It’s Not You, Really: How to Let a Job Candidate Down Easy


Coming in second place is always a precarious position to find oneself in, especially when it’s in the running for a coveted job placement. And when you’re the person tasked with delivering that difficult news, it can be a dreaded discussion, for you, as well. Here’s how to ease the pain of job rejection for both sides to keep morale high and the professional relationship intact.

Put Yourself in Their Seat

The pain of rejection is very real, in fact, psychology studies compare it to physical pain because similar areas of the brain are stimulated during both experiences. Evolutionary psychology suggests that in early humans, being ostracized from the tribe was literally a death sentence, so we developed ways to change our behavior when we fear being “kicked off of the island.”

Keeping the impact of rejection — something we’ve all felt in some way in our lives — top of mind, approach your job candidate with care and kindness while being direct and helpful in your communications.

Timing Is Everything

As much as you may want to delay this conversation, timing is everything. Again, put yourself in the candidate’s shoes — they are likely waiting on your decision with anticipation. Remember that you want to preserve the professional relationship with this candidate (you may like them enough to consider them for another position, or on the flip side, they may end up working for a competitor), so, timely, respectful communication is key. Preferably by phone, even though email would be easier.

Provide Actionable Feedback

The candidate is likely to question why they weren’t chosen for this particular position — especially if they are qualified and presented well throughout the interviewing process. Offering clear, actionable feedback based on areas of improvement is invaluable. For example, telling a potential candidate that the position required someone with more demonstrable leadership experience or technical expertise gives that person something tangible to strive towards.  

End on a Positive Note

Again, maintaining a connection with the candidate is imperative — after all, the world is small and getting smaller thanks to social media. By being compassionate, timely and direct with your let down, you can help guide someone’s career trajectory. Rejection is one of life’s great learning experiences.

20/20 Foresight Executive Search specializes in connecting companies and candidates around the world. Our expert career consultants navigate the discovery, interviewing and hiring process to streamline communications and ensure the best possible match for long-lasting relationships. Connect with us today by filling out the form at right or calling 708.246.2100.

News You Can Use: More Jobs Than Candidates, What Does That Mean for You?

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The number of job openings in the U.S. jumped to 7.3 million at the end of last year, the highest level since the Labor Department started measuring them in 2000, and there have been more open jobs than unemployed workers since March 2018. What do these startling stats mean for a hiring professional?

Find out how 20/20 Foresight's nationally recognized executive search process can help you find the right people at the right time by filling out the form to the right or calling 708.246.2100 to connect with one of our recruiters today.

Employers Need to Hire More People Than Ever | CNN Business

20/20 Foresight Announces the Appointment of David Ulrich as Managing Director

David Ulrich, Managing Director

David Ulrich, Managing Director

20/20 Foresight is pleased to announce the recent appointment of David Ulrich as Managing Director. Ulrich brings more than a decade of experience in the retained search industry following 20 years of client-facing work, including management and strategy roles for a variety of leading finance, technology and business-related service organizations such as Merrill Lynch, Pitney Bowes and Gartner Group.

“Our career consultants have deep industry knowledge of the fields we specialize in, which puts David in the perfect position to lead our recruitment teams,” said Bob Cavoto, managing principal and founder of 20/20 Foresight. “His impressive and varied resume, distinctive knowledge base and wide-ranging leadership experience will help guide our clients to securing the most successful career placements.”

Ulrich will head up both 20/20 Foresight Executive Search and 20/20 Foresight Executive Marketing leading the Southeast division, collaborating with companies and clients who are looking to make meaningful hiring decisions. His extensive recruitment experience includes C-Level, SVP, VP and Director level searches for all disciplines within the Restaurant, Hospitality and Franchising industries. His diverse client list includes major private equity, global restaurant and hotel companies, along with start-ups and a wide range of other leisure-based organizations.

“I am thrilled to be joining the 20/20 Foresight family. The company’s stature in the executive search industry is unparalleled, and I am excited to utilize my recruitment skills in addition to my career experience in my new role,” Ulrich said. “My philosophy in the search business is simple: Treat people with respect, provide honest feedback and promptly return phone calls to complete the loop for all searches I lead.”   

Contact David Ulrich at

News You Can Use: Next-Gen Technology Tools for Commercial Real Estate Companies

Technology is becoming more and more specialized by industry, especially in the commercial real estate market. Tools including investor portals, AI-powered listings services and virtual property tours are revolutionizing the industry. 

One area where personal interactions beat out automation every time? The executive search process. Find out how our nationally recognized program, which was named one of America's Best Executive Recruiting Firms, can help you find and retain top talent by filling out the form to the right or calling 708.246.2100.

10 Commercial Real Estate Systems That Can Help Your Business | Forbes

News You Can Use: The Evolving 2019 U.S. Labor Market

With unemployment rates at record lows throughout 2018, hiring professionals needed to get creative to source top talent. Expect 2019 to throw a few more curve balls our way, including the ongoing rise of the gig economy, stricter workplace harassment policies and developments in healthcare plans.

Looking to amp up your company's head count this year? Stay ahead of trends in the ever-changing job market and receive information about our nationally recognized executive search process by filling out the form to the right or calling 708.246.2100 to connect with one of our recruiters today.

How the U.S. Labor Market Will Change in 2019 |

New Year inspiration: What 2018 can teach us about the 2019 job market

As one year comes to a close and another kicks off with fresh energy, ideas and inspiration, it’s instinctive to evaluate the lessons of the last 12 months and assess what will bring us professional and personal advancement in the future. 2018 was full of highlights both for our clients and our company, and before we focus on the anticipation of the new year, we’d like to celebrate some of our collective successes.

2018 achievements

The 20/20 Foresight Executive Search team was thrilled to once again be named to the Forbes’ list of “America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms” for the second consecutive year. With a #15 overall ranking and the #1 spot as the nation’s top real estate executive search firm, 20/20 Foresight is honored to be recognized in this prestigious compilation for our highly specialized approach to recruitment.

Our ongoing collaborations with our clients to achieve their executive search goals are our main cause for celebration. In 2018, the 20/20 Foresight team:

  • Successfully completed 36 C-Suite searches

  • Realized a 94 percent success rate of searches within 6 months and a 99 percent placement rate within 9 months of the beginning of a search

  • Sustained an average 4-month search time for a C-Suite placement and 2.5-month search time for a mid-level Executive placement

  • Maintained a “stick rate” of higher than 92 percent on all placements since the beginning of 2017

These accomplishments set a high bar for our work throughout the new year and beyond.

As we enter 2019 with renewed drive and motivation, what industry insights and job market trends should we keep top of mind?

2019 employment trends and predictions

As we are all aware from the headlines, 2018 saw one of the strongest job markets in decades, continuing a surge of steady growth for the past nine years. The national unemployment rate hovered at 3.7 percent — the lowest it has been since 1969. This is all encouraging news, but how will the ever-changing job market fare in 2019? What will be the disruptors we should look out for?

We predict that heading into the 1st and 2nd quarters of the new year, hiring executive-level talent will remain hyper intensive, with the areas of finance/accounting and construction/development serving as bellwethers of these employment trends. However, as the year progresses, we do anticipate an overall slow down in the employment sector for the remainder of 2019, most notably for upper-level executives.

While the economy doesn’t seem to be slowing down as of yet, cracks are beginning to show. As a recent Forbes article explains, recessions are oftentimes unexpected and tend to be preceded by economic strength. The author notes that watching indicators such as retail sales, industrial production and the unemployment rate can help predict if and when a recession might hit.

Your 2019 to-do list

Armed with the learnings of the past year and the prospects of the new, what will your team’s success story be in 2019?

Prepare for your hiring needs in the new year by partnering with knowledgeable experts who specialize in your field. We call our approach the 20/20 Difference, and it means that you’ll have the industry’s best database, next-level search technologies, an extensive candidate evaluation process and a one-of-a-kind hybrid fee structure to bolster your searches and bring your company the nation’s top talent.

The 20/20 Foresight Executive Search team wishes you all the best in 2019. We look forward to working with you as the year unfolds and opportunities arise to add to your team.

This Month's Featured Search

This month, we completed a Vice President of Operations search for a leading commercial real estate company in Atlanta, GA.

Our client specializes in commercial office spaces and is expanding their business in the Southern US with several new acquisitions. The company was looking for a VP to oversee these new properties and handle day-to-day as well as big picture operations.

Per the client’s request, we first identified candidates in the Atlanta area that worked for similar companies in similar roles and produced a very impressive list of prospects. To ensure we are presenting a list of the most qualified candidates, we also launched a strategic marketing campaign, which involved tapping into our global database of over 100,000 professionals to identify strong candidates further out of the targeted location. Our client spoke to the three strongest candidates and narrowed it down to two finalists. In the end, they extended an offer to a senior executive, who is excited to play a larger role within a growing company.

The candidate is a senior operations executive with over 20 years of experience in managing large commercial office spaces. He is responsible for coordinating due diligence for all new acquisitions, onboarding of new property management, and all aspects of accounting. The search was completed less than 30 days after we were retained.

For more information on our nationally recognized executive search process, fill out the form to the right or contact our Atlanta location:

Wren Castle, Senior Principal | 678.537.6928

Featured Search of the Week

A leading, private commercial real estate firm has retained our services to fill a Vice President of Development role in their Los Angeles area office.

This senior candidate will be responsible for managing development and construction activities in and throughout Northern and Southern California, in addition to all other stages of the project life cycle. The ideal candidate will have at least 10 years of experience with commercial or industrial real estate developments and an advanced degree in Architecture, Construction Management, or Civil Engineering.

For almost 20 years, our client has successfully acquired and developed over 25 million square feet of commercial buildings and projects valued at more than $2 billion across North America.

For more information about this role and others in the Los Angeles area, fill out the form to the right or contact our Los Angeles Managing Principal:

Robert Peck


Why Your New Employees are Leaving and How We Can Help

Reid Behrens, Senior Principal, 20/20 Foresight

20/20 Foresight Executive Search is a premier retained executive search firm that specializes in recruiting executives in the Real Estate and Financial Services industries. We work with your company to identify your unique needs and connect you with the most qualified candidates in the market!

A common problem most companies face is investing time and resources in finding, then training employees only to have them leave after a short time. Due to record-low unemployment and faster wage increases, employees are now even more emboldened to leave jobs or companies with which they are not completely satisfied. Research shows that several factors contribute to employees leaving their jobs, but a driving force for why new employees leave is company culture.

Cultural fit is a subjective metric and hard to estimate. Most employers rely on the traditional method: meeting the candidate face to face through rounds of rigorous interviews or through a more informal setting like dinner or coffee. The most obvious limitation with this method is that employers are spending a short amount of time with the candidate. They are only able to evaluate the candidate within a certain scope where key aspects of their personality or values may not be evident, especially since candidates often display the best versions of themselves when being evaluated. In this candidate-driven market, it is even more important for companies to conduct a more thorough candidate evaluation process in order to avoid wasting time and resources on someone who will end up not being a fit.

At 20/20 Foresight, every candidate is screened, interviewed, and evaluated through numerous aptitude and personality tests. Our recruiters also have decades of experience working with executives at every level and are therefore able to dissect all different forms of personalities and values to see if they are a match for your company. Since we make it a priority to build relationships with executives in addition to our clients, we are able to gather sensitive information that they might not readily divulge but could be a key trait that makes them not compatible with your company’s culture.

As of 2018, 89% of our executive placements are still employed at the same company--much higher than the 48% national industry average. We also offer several candidate guarantees, such as a 1-year guarantee on all positions and a 2-year replacement guarantee for C-level executives. To top it off, we have a 95% success rate, with the majority of our searches completed in under 100 days.

20/20 Foresight Executive Search offers extensive candidate vetting and, because we are so confident in our processes, an executive guarantee. With our services, you can be sure that our recruiters will find the right executive for your team!

With offices located across the U.S. and globally, our recruiters are ready to work with you in your desired area. Speak to one of our recruiters today by calling 708.246.2100 or fill out the form to the right.

We Liked this Article and Wanted to Share

By the end of the year, Chicago will outpace the national average in hotel performance, boasting a 4.1% increase in RevPAR or "revenue per available room". Outside the Midwest, forecasts still show that hotels generally will experience a 10th consecutive year of growth.

For more market updates or information about our nationally recognized executive search process, fill out the form to the right or call 708.246.2100 to speak with one of our recruiters today.

Chicago Hotels Outpacing National Growth in RevPAR |

Featured Search of the Week

A large commercial real estate company is seeking a Director of Property Management to oversee its multi-family, commercial, and industrial investments in Chicago, IL.

This candidate will be responsible for day to day management of the properties, which include supervising all building employees, proactively communicating with tenants to address any operational concerns or property issues, developing and adhering to an annual budget, and ensuring that the buildings are running efficiently and safely.

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in real estate management, with experience in leasing and construction a plus. A high-level understanding of financial and accounting principles are essential. A real estate license to practice in Illinois is recommended.

For more information, fill out the form to the right or contact our Chicago Senior Principal:

Reid Behrens
708.246.2100 ext. 707

This Month's Closed Search

This month, we completed an Executive Vice President of Construction position for a public commercial real estate firm in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Our client is experiencing immediate growth due to new capital and was looking for an EVP to take on a managerial, but also hands-on role in overseeing new developments as well as renovations.

As part of our executive search process, our recruiters tapped into their extensive real estate network as well as our global database of over 100,000+ professionals to cast a wide, nationwide net for candidates with the right development background. Per our client’s request, we zeroed in on candidates with experience in overseeing all stages of the development process in addition to previous experience developing large, multi-million dollar healthcare projects. After rounds of screening, interviews, and assessments, we found a local executive ready to start a new opportunity with a growing company.

The candidate is a senior Construction Executive with 25+ years of experience in construction management in both commercial and healthcare developments. He accepted the offer, less than 100 days after he was presented, and is now responsible for managing several regional offices in addition to handling all the company’s development projects from urgent care centers to full hospitals.

For more information on our nationally recognized executive search process, fill out the form to the right or contact our West Coast leadership:

Jim McGuffin, Senior Principal | 214.414.2820

We Liked this Article and Wanted to Share

In October, condo sales in South Florida continue to significantly outpace single-family sales in several categories including sales volume and price increases. Heightened demand for multi-family investments and rising interest rates are contributing to the trend.

How is your company tackling this fast-changing market? Fill out the form to the right or call 708.246.2100 to find out how our executive search services can connect you with the top candidates in the industry.

Condos Winning South Florida Housing Race |

We Liked this Article and Wanted to Share

Despite a dip in brick-and-mortar retail interest, investors continue to seek out stand-alone grocery stores due to their stable customer base. Chicagoland grocery stores, in particular, are getting attention from national and international investors.

In this rapidly changing market, is your team looking to make a change? Fill out the form to the right or call 708.246.7100 to speak to one of our experienced recruiters today.

Investors Continue Going After Chicagoland Groceries |

We Liked this Article and Wanted to Share

E-consumerism and the growing trend of fast delivery is pushing a wave of industrial investment interests in high-growth cities. According to this article, distribution warehousing to fulfill e-commerce demand is driving cap rates down in high-growth areas such as Phoenix, Denver, and Nashville.

In this rapidly changing market, is your team looking to make a change? Fill out the form to the right or call 708.246.7100 to speak to one of our experienced recruiters today.

High-Growth Cities Join Traditional Locales in Industrial Peak |

Featured Search of the Week

A large, leading real estate firm focused in both residential and commercial markets is seeking a CFO for their New York office.

This candidate will be responsible for accounting operations, budgets, compliance, and financial reporting. This includes corporate accounting, regulatory reporting, risk management, forecasting, in addition to the development of internal control policies and procedures.

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s in Finance, Accounting, Real Estate, or a related field. CPA highly desired, with 7+ years of experience in accounting for a real estate company. Continuously growing, this enterprise needs a leader who can handle all finance and administration as a member of the Executive Leadership team.

For more information, fill out the form to the right or contact our New York leadership:

Bob Cavoto, Managing Principal | 646.873.6890 ext. 700

Bobbi Dahlstrom, Senior Principal | 646.873.6890 ext. 716